From the Future, LLC
Based in Denton, Texas

Founding date:
November 25, 2008


Press / Business contact:

Twitch TV

Hopalong The Badlands

100 N Locust St, Ste 1
Denton, TX, 76201

(1) 940-488-9394


From the Future is an independent VR studio made up of experienced and inspired developers that have been involved in pioneering work on all the major VR platforms. The company is currently releasing Hopalong: The Badlands, a comical VR shooter where justice is rough and rides a stick horse.


The Beginning

From the Future was founded in 2008 by a small group of former Paradigm Entertainment game developers. Paradigm started out as an independent developer and was later acquired by Infogrames/Atari followed by THQ. After THQ closed down the Paradigm studio, two software leads and two art leads joined forces to found Jovian Minds. The initial focus of the company was targeted at web and mobile games with the most notable game being Trouble in Tin Town, a turn-based strategy game featuring wind up toys. The bills were paid by doing service work and the company often leveraged its technical expertise to take on projects for other companies that lacked the necessary in-house talent required. After developing a reputation for tackling tough problems and being able to quickly adapt to cutting edge platforms, the company re-branded as From the Future. In 2014 the company began developing for Samsung Gear VR and took on an early Oculus Rift experience for San Diego Comic-Con based on the Pacific Rim franchise which served as the first public showing of the Oculus Rift. In 2015 they developed an early HTC Vive experience for the US Open in which people could see what it felt like to return tennis serves from Maria Sharapova.


After dozens of VR experiences on multiple platforms, From the Future began focusing on several internal game projects. At the 2016 SXSW the company debuted a 4D escape room experience entitled Amazing Escapes: House of Death. Participants were chained up in real life to match their predicament in the game. Using only magic, they had 3 minutes to solve the room puzzle before being killed by a mechanical axe man. Solving the puzzle would free them both in the game and in real life as the Arduino controlled belt lock would unlatch, releasing the player from their chains. Amazing Escapes is still a work in progress but has taken a back seat to Hopalong: The Badlands. In Hopalong players take on the role of a stick-horse riding sheriff out to rid the countryside of the notorious Dynamite Gang. Also in the works is Flying Blades, an Asian martial arts inspired game where you fly through the air with your swords and battle demons.



Hopalong: The Badlands YouTube

Hopalong: The Badlands - Joe Coffee in Mixed Reality YouTube

Trouble in Tin Town YouTube

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Hopalong: The Badlands YouTube



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Trouble in Tin Town
Trouble in Tin Town is a turned based strategy game inspired by children’s wind-up toys from the 1950s. Players fight through three different campaigns, each starring a different toy faction. As you progress through the campaigns, players battle alongside Davy Crockett and his rambunctious critter hat, mad horror writer Edgar Allan Poe and more. Help a dinosaur detective solve a heinous murder, brawl with cupcakes in boxing gloves, set off giant pyramid eyeball traps, and take over the White House. Abraham Lincoln and the Historicals guide you through the first campaign, in which a Tin Town conspiracy threatens to undermine the Historicals from all sides. http://www.troubleintintown.com/.

From the Future Twitch Channel
Watch mixed reality broadcast of comedians and developers playing Hopalong. twitch.tv.



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